Sunday, January 30, 2011

Covers & Contracts

Last night I went to bed around eight-thirty, intending to rest and watch a bit of television after a long day of writing. Instead, I fell into a coma-like sleep and didn't awaken until six-thirty this morning. I haven't had ten hours of straight slumber in years.

My publisher sent me a preview of the cover for Passion Forsaken. To me, it depicts the two main characters Molly and Colm during their time together, and then Molly's later angst. Her attention is directed toward the lighthouse, which symbolizes Colm in a way. I'm very happy with the results, thanks to Terrie at Club Lighthouse Publishing.

Another glorious bit of news was the presence of two more publishing contracts in my email inbox this morning. The Keeper's Journal and Hearts Desires are now on the roster for publication in 2012. Or am I still asleep and dreaming?

Maybe I'm not really awake and need to keep pinching myself...

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