Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Excerpt

I just uploaded a new excerpt from Quixotic Crossings - click here to take a look.

When Quixotic Crossings was released last July, I spent a good deal of time deciding on which excerpts to provide from the book. Silly me, I completely forgot about two of the more interesting and rather pivotal characters in the storyline: Jean-Claude Sullivan and Mason Berger.

Jean-Claude and Mason were gay, two men in love during an age when such things were never openly talked about (1930's and 1940's).  While I don't claim to be on expert on the various issues facing gay people nowadays, I wanted to include their relationship as part of the character development of George Sullivan, Jean-Claude's son from a disastrous first marriage. George is present in the Collective Obsessions Anthology right until the end, up to the eighth and final part of the series, Megan's Legacy (which is scheduled for release near the end of 2012).

George is purely heterosexual, although the influence of his father is often felt throughout the storyline.

The new excerpt is set in Paris in 1948, where Jean-Claude and Mason went into exile from Larkin City, Maine (thanks to a pay-off by Roddy Larkin).

Click here to read the new excerpt.


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