Sunday, October 21, 2012

Collective Updates

The following downloads have been revised:
About Larkin is a companion guide to the Collective Obsessions Saga. The guide offers insights into the story backdrop, such as particulars and images of Larkin City and the Larkin estate in Maine. Because the story spans more than 100 years, facts and entertaining trivia were compiled during the writing process.

The Private Journal of Colm Sullivan recounts Colm's journey from Ireland to Maine, which begins the Collective Obsessions Saga. As the first lighthouse keeper at Banshee Point, Colm records his private musings, dreams and desires as he begins a new life on the Larkin estate. Note: New pictures and information have been added to the revised version. Transcripts for Colm Sullivan's Journal were extracted from Passion Forsaken and The Keeper's Journal.

Did I mention both documents are free?

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