Thursday, March 21, 2013

Revisiting Larkin

Just when I think writing new material for Collective Obsessions is behind me…

The next book due for release in the saga is The Twilight (tentatively scheduled for early summer). Last week, it was decided some new scenes needed to be added for two specific characters, so I put my "collective" hat back on.

Having thought I put all of the characters to bed with the physical completion of Megan's Legacy in 2011, it was odd to suddenly jump back into the saga mindset (especially considering my work schedule of late with Bloodlust, which has nothing to do with the saga). However, after a few hours, I began to enjoy myself. Keep in mind it took an on-off period of more than twenty years for me to write all eight books in the Collective Obsessions Saga, so revisiting my fictional places and characters was actually rather pleasurable.

While all eight books in the saga were complete and contracted in 2010-2011, they have been incrementally released by my publisher since.
  1. Passion Forsaken (released 2011)
  2. Quixotic Crossings (released 2011)
  3. The Twain Shall Meet (released 2012)
  4. Enthrallment (released 2012)
  5. The Keeper's Journal (released 2012)
  6. Hearts Desires (released 2013)
  7. TheTwilight (coming in 2013)
  8. Megan's Legacy (coming in 2013)
It kind of reminds me of movie releases. Films are made one year, and then released the next or the one after that. You work on a project for a long time, giving it your heart and soul, and then move on after it's finished. Revisiting the project a year or more later – whether it's a book or film - is almost surreal.

Whatever the case, I managed to write the requested new scenes for The Twilight within four days and delivered them electronically to my publisher.

So now it's back to my Bloodlust writing schedule.

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