Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunday Doodles

Since I'm not too interested in the outcome of today's Super Bowl (no fun sans the Oakland Raiders), I'm spending the time writing new material for Megan's Legacy and half-paying attention to all-day marathons of Law & Order SVU and Murder She Wrote.

I went to the store yesterday to stock up on dog and cat food, and even then the grocery was packed to the rafters with people buying goodies for game gatherings. I wouldn't step a toe into it today for love nor money. Speaking of goodies, my favorite snack gnaw while typing or handwriting is Chex Mix. I've become addicted to the stuff of late, along with my daily dose of Arizona Iced Tea with Lemon.

I'm progressing with the storyline in Megan's Legacy, taking it where I want it to go and finally bringing the Collective Obsessions Anthology to an end. However, even pre-planned outlines sometimes go off course, which happened several times over the weekend. They were all good inclusions in regards to the story, adding a bit more drama for the main characters, but sometimes little epiphanies create other avenues that need exploring.

As usual, I won't know the final outcome until the last word appears on my screen.

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